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Enhanced Direct Enrollment Partners 

Enhanced Direct Enrollment (EDE) entities are certified by and partner with Georgia Access to provide Exchange shopping and enrollment services to consumers. Some EDEs offer consumer portals, also referred to as web-brokers, and some EDEs offer portals for agents to use. See a list of our partners below. 

Many Georgians are finding that working with an Enhanced Direct Enrollment partner – whether through their consumer portal, direct through an issuer, or working with an Agent using EDE partner tools – is the best way for them to get enrolled in the right health coverage.  Because of this, Georgia Access has made it a priority to become the first State-Based Exchange (SBE) to partner with EDE entities and provides direct access and support to assist EDEs through our certification process and technology testing. 

Georgia Access engages with EDEs through both regularly scheduled large-group meetings and individual one-on-one discussions to ensure that questions from EDE partners are addressed.

New EDE Partners

For organizations who wish to become new EDE partners, please see below for the relevant contact information. 

The first step in the process is to fill out a Georgia Access EDE Application., and Our team will share the application, along with a ‘roadmap’ of what the certification process and partnership will look like, as well as extend invites to the recurring EDE group meetings and set up individual meetings for direct conversations with your team members. 

Georgia Access works to stay as aligned with as possible, in both policy and technology, to minimize required customizations that our partners – who may serve many states through – have to make for Georgia specifically.  Georgia Access does require certification as an EDE on for partners participating in Georgia Access. 

We recognize that there are current Direct Enrollment (DE) entities serving Georgia, however, we are not able to support the DE model at this time.  We are happy to engage with DE organizations who are working with on certification as a full EDE as you progress through that evolution.

EDE Updates for OE 2025

Current EDE partners will be receiving regular updates during both the recurring group meetings and the 1:1 sessions with the Georgia Access team.  Georgia Access is using this year as an SBE on the Federal Platform (SBE-FP) to develop several new capabilities that will be optional, but we hope attractive to our EDE partners, including:

  • Offering EDE Partners the ability to host the Georgia Access Agent training on their own branded web domain, to integrate into their own Agent offerings.
  • The use of in-line verification indicators during the consumer journey through the application.
  • Deployment of an Events-Based Processing (EBPP) API that parallels the API, and in parallel developing a process for recurring bulk updates for EDEs who prefer that pathway to the use of the EBPP API.
  • Providing additional support roles for larger Agencies to help manage their Agent accounts and books of business, as well as provide support for the Agents in processing consumer changes, verifications, and account updates.

Current Partners with Consumer Portals 

Current Partners with Agent Portals 

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